Here’s a few basic guidelines to help you make a good decision on purchasing new cooking utensils for your new home or to replace worn out utensils.

  1. Decide if you will purchase a SET of utensil or if you will purchase it INDIVIDUALLY. A set of of utensils is more economical and contains basic kitchen tools. It also makes sure that your utensils will match. Individual cooking utensils will give you better control and options over each utensil that you buy. You will also have the opportunity to buy the best of everything.
  2. Choose the basic necessities like straining spoons, ladles, long handled spoon and long handled fork and a pair of tongs.
  3. Choose utensils that will not scratch your pots and pans. There are a variety of materials to choose from like wood, stainless steel, aluminum, plastic and teflon utensils.
  4. Shop for the best utensils that gives you great value for your money. Durability and design functionality is important when considering between price and value.