“Inspirations from Everyday Life”

The history of Zojirushi goes back to a glass-lined vacuum bottle created in 1918. This bottle for home use was created using vacuum insulation- a breakthrough technology at that time. In the years since then, Zojirushi has established itself as a top manufacturer of vacuum bottles and has continued to leverage the latest technologies to create a constant stream of leading-edge products that make life more comfortable and convenient. Although much has changed and lifestyles have become more varied, this brand’s philosophy of “creating a quality of life” continues to be reflected in its products and services.

In November of 2009, a partnership between Mitsui and Zojirushi came to life. The primary objective of this partnership is to reintroduce the Zojirushi brand in the Philippine market. Filipino consumers are expected to benefit from this partnership as they now have a new brand that dares to challenge the monopoly of an existing brand. As of May 2013, Zojirushi products are already available at different SM group branches. Further expansion activities will be implemented by early next year.

Drawing on the initial success achieved in the past three years, Mitsui and Zojirushi vow to foster a partnership that is careful and considerate as to how both companies will treat people and the environment. Likewise, this partnership will actively introduce new products and services that give people a sense of confidence and satisfaction. For more information, please visit www.zojirushi.com.ph



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